As the six excited Dove Hunters headed down the final 14 miles of gravel road the brush country was alive with color. The sage brush was in full bloom and the vivid colors completely amazed us of the power of our creator. His canvass stretch as far as the eye could see, his paint splashed from valley to ridge top. Our spirits were soaring as we crested the last hill to our casa there awaited the finishing touches on the master’s work of art.  A river so clear and tranquil that it mesmerized us to the man. We had crossed this same river a few miles back and it was dry as a bone. But here in a place where we could take a refreshing dip or enjoy the breathtaking view from the porch, the river was full. Well over 8’ deep in spots and as clear as a bell.  We couldn’t understand how this situation could develop but we enjoyed it as a personal gift to us from God.

As usual we unloaded as quick as we could and headed out for the evening hunt. The recent rains had provided a smorgasbord for the little winged bandits so the usual numbers feeding in our fields we down. Still our hunt was successful with more than enough for all involved.Of course anytime you get 6 adult males together at hunting camp an outbreak of testosterone is sure to occur. Legendary Guide Mike Tomei brazenly boasted that his team could kill more of the fast flying birds that my team could. So the trash talking was on with the rules in place we headed to different fields to begin the hunt. When the dust settle and birds counted the Legendary Guide had to eat crow so to speak. The picture below shows the results plainly. Losers acted as servants to the winners for the rest of the night and we thoroughly enjoyed it!   


A first for us on this trip was the sighting of the very rare white blooming sage brush. All our years on the ranch never saw one.

                                       white sage


Temperatures were mild and made the trip comfortable. We saw a few nice bucks, had shots at coyotes and fox along with many covey of quails encountered. Returned home with a memories forever etched in our minds,