023 056 DSC03062 jamica with a double

pile of doves still waters Table rock cliff Walled Rio


     One of the best dove hunting trips we ever had. Killed over 500 of the winged bandits. Our dog Jamaica was in  dog heaven the first couple days but eventually ran herself into exhaustion, she was one sore puppy. All of us had doubles with a single shot along with lots of furious action. One of the highlights was watching Jamaica retrieve one of my doubles at the same time. Yep two birds in her mouth at once. The last night we hunted our dog could barely move but when my wife Tracy shot her first bird of the night Jamaica rose from her bed and trotted out to retrieve her best friends dove.

     As you can see by the pictures the ranch has received an abundance of rain. The sage brush was in full bloom and the brilliant purple flowers could be seen for miles. It was breathtaking!  The beauty of the ranch never ceases to amaze me. Lots of rain over the past months has filled the San Rodrigous river and blesses us with scenery that humbles ones soul.  The view from our hacienda never grows old and changes with the seasons into vistas that defy description. They are total body experiences, you actually feel the beauty with all your senses. 

     Sun rises are special times at the ranch. The prospects of a new day with new adventures to be experienced. Daylight brings the birth of a soft breeze, the awaking of our anticipations and the fragrance that is only found in wild and untamed lands.  Many of our friends are mesmerized by the vastness of the ranch and its places of solitude that puts the world in proper order.